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How to Remove the Chuck From a Dewalt DC901 Cordless Hammer Drill

Dewalt'ersus dewalt hammer drill is truly 1 of your handful of Dewalt drills that uses a self-tightening, Loctited chuck. No matter if for better or for worse, the nature and design with this chuck eliminates the need for the chuck-screw that located on the inside the center of most mediocre drill chucks. Because this kind of drill lacks that screw and only dab or two of Loctite, the chuck on the DC901 is actually a little bit trickier to take out and upgrade. Mind you, only a little bit trickier, and even much less so when you are armed with the right measures.

To eliminate the chuck through Dewalt'ersus DC901, you would like to first ensure that the hammer drill itself is truly in all the right countries, positions, configurations, and and many others. First, ensure the device will be in low-gear. This really is dewalt hammer drills is actually better suited for the intense wrenching the chuck is about to encounter. Additionally , you will want to be sure the application is truly set to drill-mode, that the clutch will be set at clutch setting "22," knowning that the drill-chuck itself will be completely wide open. These number of steps, while simple, are vitally important to the overall experience and will literally make or break your ability to get rid of the chuck out of this particular hammer drill.

The next step in removing the chuck through Dewalt'utes DC901 requires a vise or vise-like tool to clamp the hammer drill'ersus chuck because you wrench on the body with the resource. If you don'n have use of it kind of tool, it will be advised which you take the drill to a competent restoration shop, or, at least, use somebody else'ersus. If you carry out dewalt hammer drill access it kind of gear, tightly clamp the hammer drill-chuck (mind you, clamp just the chuck and walk out the body in the DC901 completely free) into the vise. If, for one or another reason, you wish to keep any scratching or harm to the chuck, wrap a store rag all-around it before clamping.

Using just your unique body strength, whip the drill in a counterclockwise direction right up until the Loctite that secures it particular chuck breaks free. You will hear a "pop" and you may feel an important lower in the overall tightness in the chuck. If after having a handful of whips the Loctite remains persistently un-brocken, you can temps it upwards with a heat-gun or blow-dryer. This will render the glue pliable sufficient to break the seal far more quite easily.

Once you hear that "pop," remove the DC901 from the vise and, using counterclockwise twists, mainly hands-twist the chuck through the drill. It should today quite easily remove with only a handful of complete twists.

To reinstall a fresh chuck on the DC901 (the chuck'utes element dewalt hammer drills is 330075-90), just dab a dob (really, only a smaller dob) of Loctite with the hammer drill'utes threaded chuck shaft. Twist and handheld-tighten the chuck on the shaft in a clockwise motion. Allow the glue to set and protected to the threads for at least 1-hour before using your DC901 distinct ability in any way. I reiterate, while it is smart to allow the Loctite to set for around 24-hours, you must let it set for, at very least, 1 hour before using it.

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